Oscar Beltran is 'Yatiri' .

'Yatiri' means 'healer' in Quechua which is a traditional language spoken in the Andes .


Oscar was born in Bolivia , South America. He began playing music at the young age of 11 after being inspired by the musicians in his family.By the age of 15 Oscar formed his first band called 'Kantumarka', where he was the lead singer and Guitarist. Also, Oscar often performed as a solo artist playing his guitar and singing at a variety of venues.

At 17, Oscar traveled to New Zealand to be the lead Guitarist in the Bolivian band 'Surkuy'. 'Surkuy' traveled throughout New Zealand , Japan and Korea performing traditional Bolivian music and introducing people to the unique culture.

After a number of years in New Zealand , Oscar and the band moved to Syndey , Australia . In 2004, Oscar began his solo career as 'Yatiri', while still being a member of 'Surkuy'. In the last 2 years Oscar has produced three CD's, two being instrumental and one, a mixture of vocal and instrumental songs. He performs in a variety of venues and also travels throughout Australia .

Throughout Oscar's travels around the world, he has been exposed to many different types of music and has consequently developed his own unique style of music. Oscar not only performs traditional Andean music but also performs modern songs from all over the world while incorporating traditional Andean sounds and instruments