Music of the Andes

The Andes region expands through much of South America and is primarily centered in Bolivia , Peru and Ecuador . This area is among the richest in the world in terms of musical and folkloric traditions. Innumerous quantities of rhythms, .
melodies and musical styles stem from different areas of the Andes and fit under the term 'traditional Andean music'Therefore, music and dance in this region is the product of extensive cultural intermixing and allows different areas and people to be distinguished from one another. Some of the most popular rhythms and music styles include; San Juanito, Saya, Carnavalito, Trote, Tuntunas, Tinku, Huayno, Morenada, Diablada and Sikuri.

The most characteristic sounds of the Andes are produced by the Siku (panpipes), Quena (flute) and the Charango.